Greenhouse Geodesic Dome 12 Ft. with Poly Shrink Cover


 Innovative design that allow you to construct it yourself, this saves you time and money. Can be assembled by one or two in less than 1 day.

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With Marine Poly Plastic Cover

Description and History

Geodesic Domes were invented by R. Buckminster Fuller in the 1960’s, and are a revolutionary building structure with many advantages over conventional rectangular designs:

    • 20% less materials to enclose a given space
    • Short, manageable, lightweight, members allow for easy construction
      and great portability
    • The curved shape naturally deflects wind and sheds snow accumulation

Geodesic Domes have many uses- including greenhouses, swimming pool covers and car ports to name a few.


  • You will receive complete modular frame work made of galvanized steel – to make a complete 2v frequency 12 Ft. Geodesic Dome Greenhouse. Frame work bolts together with easy instructions.  All screws and bolts included (zinc plated will not rust)
  • Frequency of Dome- the higher the frequency number (2V) the stronger the geodesic dome frame
  • Each Greenhouse is custom made to order average delivery time 3-4 weeks

Details and Specifications:

  • Poly Marine Cover 7 mil. High quality ( must shrink wrap to frame)
  • Frame work- Galv. Steel 1/2″(outside Diameter)
  • Inside diameter of Dome – 12 Ft. (center to center)
  • Door: All Vertical Adaptors for framework are included
  • Center Height: 6 feet
  • Number Of Sruts: approx 65
  • Strut types Within Frame: 2
  • Floor Area Sq. Ft.- 113


Easy to Assemble

Innovative design that allow you to construct it yourself, this saves you time and money. Can be assembled by one or two people in 1 day. Included are step by step assembly instructions, requires a wrench and pliers  to assemble.

Advantages Over Conventional Designs

  • Strength: Geodesic domes gain great strength by distributing loading through all structural memeers. Also, their naturally rounded shape directs wind around them, and allows snow to slide off.
  • Cost: Geodesic domes often have more than double or even triple the floor space of conventional rectangular designs, for around half the price
  • Portability: The light weight and relatively short length of each frame strut allow any dome kit to be divided up into bundles of manageable weight.
  • Versatility: Any geodesic dome kit can have many uses, and may be easily converted into a structure that suits a different application
    swimming pool cover in the winter and a greenhouse in the summer).

Options For Your Dome – Call:800-853-0684

  • Ventilation Fan and Shutter Kit available
  • Woodmate Twin Panel Polycarbonate Door
  • Solexx Cover 3.5mm and 5mm Cover
  • Polycarbonate 10mm and 16mm Cover

IMPORTANT NOTES – Additional Options:

Framework is custom made to order  We also offer other sizes-coming soon!  Need a certain size?   We will be happy to custom quote any size up to 60ft.

Optional Wood mate twin panel full view polycarbonate door

If you have any questions please give us a call 800-853-0684 

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